Acrylic Art on clothing Style meets Sustainability
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Acrylic Art on clothing: Style meets Sustainability

One of the most recent forms of acrylic art that has taken the limelight, is acrylics on clothing. A unique way of adding a design to your daily wear, be it your favorite character or a personal portrait painting anything can be painted by a skilled artist. Most people would wonder how it does not wash off. Is it long-lasting?

I’m here to tell you that acrylic paints bond well with fabric making it a good option to use for this type of project, it is easy to work with and a fast drying medium so you won’t have to wait long hours in-between layers.

What type of acrylics do you use on clothes?

Well, for fabric painting it is best to use fabric acrylics only. This type of paint is made to be more flexible than the canvas acrylic paint. Specifically designed to be use on any fabric surface, it reduces the paint cracking chances by 90%. Acrylic paints are a very versatile medium that can be use on many surfaces. Fabrics that hold acrylics well include cotton, silk, velvet, suede, corduroy, and many more.

Fabric acrylic painting techniques


The easiest technique is a stencil painting. It is exactly as it sounds, a stencil is place on the fabric, and paint is apply on top, now there are ways to apply the paint. The most common one is with a sponge for even spread and no visible stroke marks. Once the stencil is peeled away after the paint has dried you are left with a beautiful design.

Splatter painting

This technique consists of splattering paint onto the fabric to make it look abstract and give it an artistic edge. There are various types of splatter techniques I.e. spray splatter, dot splatter, finger splatter, etc. Splatter painting gives a free and conceptual feel to the fabric.

Free Hand

This is the most commonly use technique by an artist. Freehand is an artist simply using their skillset to showcase the art they make or a particular client’s requirement.

Heat set your art

Heat setting often is an additional benefit if you’re looking to keep your painting looking fresh and lasting long in the closet. This setting a piece increases the lifespan of the art and makes sure it is durable.

With thin fabric, you should most typically choose a line art so the fabric doesn’t get harder. For a portrait or a colorful character design, you would opt for a more sturdy material like jeans, jackets, or pants.

Fabric paint does not wash away over time, and all in all, is a unique way to showcase the artist or art lover inside you. If you’re a bride-to-be, get your bridesmaids a unique painted group jacket to wear to a Bachelorette or you can even get a king and queen jacket or exchange portrait-painted jackets before the big occasion.

If you consider yourself to be an art lover or interested in art, you’re in the perfect place. At MoonMaze by Andy, you’ll find customizing a piece or simply ordering a fabric art of your own to be very easy and affordable. Come check us out, Shop now and get your very own customizable and sustainable fabric-painted ideas and clothing at


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