Handling Fragile Items: A Guide to Properly Maintaining Bras and Lingerie
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Handling Fragile Items: A Guide to Properly Maintaining Bras and Lingerie

Laundry is one of the tedious tasks in your routine. You have to ensure that you have all the clothes that need to be cleaned, separate the whites from the dark colors, and delicate wear from daily wear. Whether you work from home or office, with or without kids, you have an encounter with your washing machine at least once in a while.

It is easier to segregate apparel, however, when it comes to your bra you have to be extra mindful. A bra made of soft fabric needs additional wash care as compared to your regular clothes. Your lingerie garments are usually made from soft fabrics and hence it is recommended to wash them in a delicate or mild cycle.

We understand your concern as to manage lingerie and how to maintain it in good shape over the months.

Here’s a simple guide that can help you to maintain your bras and lingerie.

Select A Mild Cycle

New-tech washing machines offer you different washing cycles based on different types of clothes, quantity, and time. This means that you can select a special cycle for your bra and other lingerie garments.

Before you start the cycle, ensure that you add a mild detergent to your soft bra and panty in your washing machine. Do not forget to hook your bra so that it does not tangle with any other garment. This precautionary measure helps you retain the bra shape and avoid unwanted fabric damage.

For instance, fasten the hook of your t-shirt bra before you put it in your washing machine along with other lingerie, add the required detergent in the mentioned quantity, and start your preferred cycle.

Hand Wash Lingerie

Yet another way to clean your lingerie is to wash them directly with your hands. You can take some water in a small bucket, add a dash of your mild detergent, and add your lingerie to this water. Let the lingerie soak for an hour or so and then run it through clean water.

You can follow the washing guidelines mentioned on your lingerie to maintain them.

If you are in a rush, then you can quickly soak your bra or panty in a mixture of water and mild detergent. Rub the lingerie with light hands to get rid of the dirt and rinse it under clean water.

Skip the dryer and let your lingerie dry under natural sunlight or a fan as per your convenience. You can avoid the use of artificial detergents as they tend to ruin the fabric. Unnecessary stretching of your bra or panty can ruin its authentic frame, hence avoid adding unwanted pressure on it.

Change Your Bras Regularly

Apart from washing lingerie, it is equally essential to rotate them at intervals. You can wear a bra-panty set for a couple of months, then switch to a different set for a couple of months, and then return to the earlier pair.

However, make sure that the pair that you re-use is in good shape, if not replace it with a new pair of lingerie.

This frequent changing of lingerie garments ensures that you do not wear an ill-fitted bra or loose panties. Rotating your lingerie is a good practice as it helps to increase the life of your lingerie. Besides, you follow a healthy routine to wear them.

This practice ensures that you do not get bored with your existing lingerie and change them frequently. With time, you can discard pairs that are worn out or do not fit you. Alongside, you can order new pairs of bras, panties, and other accessories.

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