Mesmerizing Lehengas Tips for Selecting the Right One for Your Body Type
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Mesmerizing Lehengas: Tips for Selecting the Right One for Your Body Type

Lehengas are a traditional and elegant form of ethnic wear that hold a special place in Indian fashion. With their vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and flowing silhouettes, lehengas have the power to mesmerize and captivate. However, selecting the right lehenga for your body type is crucial to ensure a flattering and confident look. In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and guidance on choosing the perfect lehenga based on your body type, so you can feel like a true princess at any occasion.

Understanding Different Body Types

Before diving into the tips, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different body types. Each body type has unique characteristics, and understanding your body shape will help you make informed choices when selecting a lehenga. The most common body types include:

  1. Hourglass: This body type is characterized by well-defined curves, with the bust and hips being relatively proportional and a defined waistline.
  2. Pear: Pear-shaped bodies have wider hips and a smaller bust, with the lower half of the body being more prominent than the upper half.
  3. Apple: Apple-shaped bodies have a broader midsection and waistline, with a fuller bust and narrower hips.
  4. Rectangle: Rectangle-shaped bodies have a relatively straight silhouette, with minimal curves and a balanced bust, waist, and hip measurement.
  5. Inverted Triangle: Inverted triangle-shaped bodies have broader shoulders and bust, with a narrower waist and hips.

Now, let’s explore the tips for selecting the right lehenga for each body type.

Tips for Hourglass Body Type

If you have an hourglass figure, you are blessed with a well-balanced physique. To enhance your curves and accentuate your waistline, consider the following tips:

  1. Silhouette: Opt for lehengas that cinch at the waist and flow gracefully. A-line lehengas and mermaid-cut lehengas are ideal choices as they highlight your curves while maintaining a balanced silhouette.
  2. Neckline: Experiment with various necklines to complement your figure. Sweetheart necklines, halter necks, and V-necks are great options as they draw attention to your bust and collarbone.
  3. Dupatta: Drape your dupatta in a way that emphasizes your waist. A diagonal or side drape can create a flattering visual effect and accentuate your hourglass shape.

Tips for Pear Body Type

If you have a pear-shaped body, your goal is to balance the proportions and draw attention to the upper body. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Lehenga Skirt: Opt for lehenga skirts with minimal volume and avoid heavy embellishments near the hips. A-line and flared lehengas that gradually flow out from the waist are ideal as they create a balanced look.
  2. Blouse: Choose blouses with intricate detailing, embellishments, or embroidery to draw attention upwards. Experiment with different sleeve lengths and necklines to highlight your upper body.
  3. Dupatta: Use your dupatta strategically to create a visually balanced silhouette. Drape it in a way that covers your hips partially or fully, allowing the attention to be drawn towards the upper half of your body.

Tips for Apple Body Type

If you have an apple-shaped body, your focus should be on creating a defined waistline and elongating your figure. Consider the following tips:

  1. Empire Waist Lehengas: Opt for lehengas with an empire waistline that sits just below the bust. This style creates an illusion of a defined waist and allows the lehenga to flow gracefully.
  2. Fabrics: Choose lighter fabrics that drape well and do not add extra bulk to your midsection. Fabrics like chiffon and georgette are great options.
  3. Neckline: V-necklines, deep necklines, or scoop necklines draw attention towards the upper body and create a vertical line, elongating your figure.

Tips for Rectangle Body Type

If you have a rectangle-shaped body, your goal is to add curves and create the illusion of a defined waist. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Lehenga with Layers: Opt for lehengas with layered skirts or ruffles to add volume and create the illusion of curves. Choose lehengas with horizontal embellishments or detailing to add width to your frame.
  2. Waist Detailing: Look for lehengas with elaborate waistbands, belts, or sashes that create a cinched-in effect and define your waistline.
  3. Blouse: Experiment with blouses that have intricate designs, embroidery, or ruffles to add dimension and create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Tips for Inverted Triangle Body Type

If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body, your goal is to balance your proportions by adding volume to the lower half of your body. Consider the following tips:

  1. Lehenga Silhouette: Opt for lehengas with flared skirts or heavy pleats to add volume and create a balanced look. Circular lehengas or lehengas with lots of gathers work well for this body type.
  2. Neckline: Choose blouses with boat necks, square necks, or wide necklines to create an illusion of narrower shoulders.
  3. Dupatta: Drape your dupatta in a way that covers one shoulder and flows across the opposite arm, creating a diagonal line that balances the upper body.

General Tips for All Body Types

Regardless of your body type, there are some general tips that can help you choose the perfect lehenga:

  1. Comfort: Select a lehenga that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Ensure that you can move freely and comfortably in it, especially if you’re attending a wedding or a festive event.
  2. Fabric: Choose fabrics that flatter your body type. Lighter fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and silk flow beautifully and drape well, while heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade add structure and volume.
  3. Colors and Patterns: Opt for colors and patterns that suit your skin tone and complement your body shape. Darker colors tend to have a slimming effect, while vertical patterns or embellishments can create an elongating effect.
  4. Accessories: Pair your lehenga with the right accessories to enhance your overall look. Statement jewelry, a clutch, and appropriate footwear can elevate your ensemble and complete your ethnic look.


Selecting the right lehenga for your body type is key to achieving a flattering and stunning look. By understanding your body shape and following the tips provided, you can confidently choose a lehenga that accentuates your best features and makes you feel like royalty. Remember, the most important factor is to embrace your unique beauty and wear your lehenga with confidence, for that is what truly makes any outfit shine.


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