Seamless Transition Versatile Women's Track Pants for All Occasions
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Seamless Transition: Versatile Women’s Track Pants for All Occasions

Fitness and health have acquired mass-scale attention. More and more people are discovering the benefits of today’s activewear trends. Unless or until you have been living under a rock, you must have witnessed that the new trend of activewear is increasing day by day. Yes, we are talking about Track pants! It can make you look super cool and trendy when properly worn and at the same time it can make you look messy and unkempt when incorrectly worn.

Women of today’s time always look for comfy clothing that embodies fitness as well as casual leisure time.  With a plethora of options of track pants available now, women get confused about picking up the correct clothing and thus make it a pleasant one. No matter what, for every situation, track pants have become a staple part of women’s everyday life.

Women Track Pants: The Most Comfortable Clothing for Active Lifestyle

It is a myth that track pants function just as workout clothing. It allows you to move around freely, grab a cup of coffee with friends, and go shopping with your loved ones. It not only gives a fashion-forward look, but it also gives utmost comfort and relaxation all day.

The primary objective of Edrio track pants is its functionality, quick dry, lightweight fabric, and figure-hugging material. The most popular clothing of today’s time is manufactured in softer fabrics like nylon, lycra, spandex, and cotton. If you pair it with sports hoodies or other outer layers, then you will have less excuse for not moving out of the house frequently. Before you make a decision to buy, browse through our exclusive collection of track pants and know and best fit and style.

The recent popularity of women’s track pants signifies that designers are experimenting with several different shapes and styles. Every day, they are coming with something new and exclusive. There are different varieties of track pants that Edrio has:

High Rise Cargo

If you are in search of comfortable and relaxed track pants to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, then nothing can beat high-rise cargo pants with a crop top. The loose cut and comfortable fabric offers you plenty of room to move around freely. It is one of the most versatile clothing articles available and women are going crazy for it

PinTuck Track Pants

Do you hate wearing real ‘pants’ whenever you step out of the house? Then, it’s time to elevate your style statement with a different pin-tuck style wide-leg track pants. Featuring side pockets for keeping your essentials is an added advantage in this piece of clothing. These track pants are perfect for doing errands such as running, picking up your kids from school, or going for a casual brunch. These fashionable track pants are durable and easily worn after several washes.

Cotton Track Pants

How your track pants fit depends on where you are going wearing them. What kind of activities will you be indulging yourself in while wearing those track pants? A lot of females opt for cotton track pants while lounging and running tasks. When combined with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, it becomes one such outfit that you cannot overlook. It is a must-have for all women.

So, now you know about the myriad patterns of track pants for women that they can wear in their everyday routine. More or less, every track pants have pockets and there are some that come with a zip pocket. Make sure you pick the one that suits your taste and liking. The best thing that women love about track pants is their flexibility and comfort. 

Style your Track Pants in Different Ways to make a Fashion Statement

With varieties of track pants, there are apparently infinite possibilities in terms of the looks you can create for yourself. It is a fact that the way you stylize your track pants depends on how and with what you are combining them. We will brief you on a few simple ways to style your track pants:

  • Team it up with a sweatshirt and get a casual look. You can wear a contrasting sweatshirt and have a street-ready look. Do not forget your stylish sneakers!
  • If you wish to take your appearance a level higher, then add a denim jacket with your track pants. It adds structure to your style and makes your outfit look interesting.
  • Are you willing to get a club cool look and yet feel comfortable, Pair your polo t-shirt with track pants. Just make sure that you choose heavy fabric track pants that have a tailored fit.


Track pants have crossed the threshold of modern fashion. It is seen that day-by-day the quality of women’s track pants is improving and more people are purchasing them. Even celebrities wear cool track pants in public and show off their laid-back attitude. Now, it is not just restricted to activewear, in fact with time it has become a one-size-fits-all approach. Basically, it defines clothing that most of the women want to wear now!

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